Air Conditioners For Condos

A lot of modern apartments and condos don’t come with built-in air conditioning units. Many of the condos and apartments that have air conditioning units are outfitted with floor-to-ceiling windows, which offer great views but also a lot of sunshine and heat.

If your house is equipped with ductwork then central AC could be the best option. HVAC contractors Brick spoke to said that if the building doesn’t have ductwork, a central AC system might be the best option.

1. Window Units

Window air conditioners are a cheap and easy way to cool your condo without having to install ductwork. They work by removing warm air from rooms and replacing it with cooler air, making them a fantastic choice for those with a limited budget or for older homes that do not have ductwork. However, they do have some drawbacks that need to be considered prior to making the purchase.

Window ACs can only cool a single space and are therefore not suitable for larger homes. It’s also important to choose models that have high Energy Efficiency Ratings (EER) or Energy Star certifications. They can also be a security threat, as they are easily removed, giving you easy access to your home.

Depending on the dimensions of the unit as well as the type of window it’s set in, you may need to put in accordions or even wood to block out excess space around the sides of the window. It is possible to install most window units by yourself using an installation set for windows. Simply place the chassis inside the frame and secure the sleeve. For larger models with more BTU capacity the chassis is designed to slide onto rails, with the sleeve fixed to the frame with brackets.

To determine the size unit you will require, multiply the square footage by the number of BTUs needed to cool the room effectively. Consider whether the room is an area with high-rises or receives a lot more sunlight. A larger HVAC unit will be more expensive, but will help you save on energy costs over time. If you want to have a long-term solution for your home, our HVAC experts recommend purchasing a central AC system. The initial cost could be higher but it will pay for itself over time, with lower utility bills each month and a longer lifespan than multiple window units.

2. Portable Units

A portable air conditioner is a stand-alone cooling device that functions like a space heater. The units are designed to connect to an outlet, and the tube, or mini-duct, is able to be run through the window to let CO2 and heat out (not to confuse with the toxic gas CO2). The units are portable and can be sized by their cooling capacity (defined by BTU ratings). For the best results, a unit should be sized to accommodate its intended room, as oversized units won’t provide enough cooling and could be more prone to wear down than.

These units are utilized mostly in apartment buildings or converted homes that do not have ducting systems, and where the central AC unit is the main cooling system. Utilizing portable ACs in one or more rooms could reduce the burden on the central system, which can save electricity and also money.

The most reliable portable units also come with an option to dehumidify to lessen moisture, which is another frequent reason for hot spots and can make a room feel unbearably warm. The units should also come with washable filters to maintain efficiency and remote controls for simple operation. Choose ENERGY STAR certified models to save money and electricity in comparison to non-certified models.

If you choose to go the portable route it is important to select a dual-hose model instead of a single-hose option. Dual-hose models allow air from outside to be drawn into the condenser coils heated to a certain temperature, then blown out through the other hose. This improves the efficiency and decreases the sound level of the unit. This feature could cost more but the savings and comfort can make it worth the extra expense.

4. Ductless Systems

Mini-splits are ductless alternatives for central air conditioners. They consist of an outdoor unit, and one or more indoor units that are connected with thin piping that runs like electrical wires through tiny openings in your walls. Ductless systems are an excellent option for condos since they can be used in areas in areas where traditional HVAC ducts simply are not feasible. They are the perfect cooling solution for a lot of Southwest Florida homes, condos and apartments since homeowners don’t want to cut into walls and floors to install ductwork.

In the case of a ductless cooling system the indoor unit cools the air as it passes through tubing filled with refrigerant from the outdoor unit. The air conditioner is quieter compared to other options, which means it’s possible to cool your space without causing disturbance to others. Some ductless systems also offer heating and cooling, allowing you to enjoy all year round luxury.

The ductless system is suitable for many areas, such as sunrooms, garages, and bedrooms. They can also increase comfort in older houses condominiums, apartments, and homes that are not equipped with ductwork. This type of system can also be used in multifamily housing because it is easily adaptable to various kinds of occupancy patterns.

A ductless system is more energy efficient than conventional systems due to the fact that it doesn’t need to force air over long distances. It can also reduce your electricity costs. These systems are smaller than forced air systems, saving on the installation cost and space.

Ductless systems are superior in cooling performance and can be adapted to your personal preferences in temperature. They can improve the air quality in your apartment, too, with an efficient filtering system that removes harmful particles from the air. This can help you avoid asthma and allergies, while keeping your space at a comfortable temperature throughout the season. Contact us today if ready to learn more. Our knowledgeable technicians are available to assist you. We will assess your requirements and help you select the most suitable air conditioning solution for your particular situation.

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